A finshed painting challenge, my thoughts on doing one and my next project.

Well Warboss Taes painting challenge has come and gone and there was some great projects done for it. Myself i didn't get my Island Of Blood High Elves finished. But some of the things i learned from doing my first painting challenge were that planning ahead is key! I picked the High Elves and thought no more of it. Little did i know they are a lot of detail in them. There are 10 sword masters and 10 spear men as part of the High Elf side and these are bright and neatly decorated models. I know you can use any paint scheme on your models but if you want the classic white and shiny metal scheme on them they will take some time and patience. I'm not a fast or the best painter but i was slightly overwhelmed with these and unprepared on how much time i would have to spend on each model (Although this can vary from person to person). Not that i didn't enjoy painting them but for me i should have thought out more what im going to paint for a painting challenge.

But on the flip side.........

A painting challenge wouldn't have "challenge" in it if it wasn't a challenge! I underestimated painting High Elves but i enjoyed painting them. I don't want to paint another High Elf for a long time but the next time i paint one i will be more prepared and more experience in painting them.

My next project The SKAVEN!!!!!!!!!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Rp39Oa_5kM

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