A Tau update.......FINALLY! Monstrous Creature and a Flyer?

Tau players rejoice!! The time for an update is here!! Well.........the rumors of coming in strong and it has been foretold that a tau update is coming around this time. Long ago when i used to game i was a Tau player and im excited about this update. The big news is there is a huge battlesuit called "RIPTIDE". I expect this to be a powerhouse of explosive shooting. Just like the hammerhead shots from Riptide could be spit like one solid shot or a blast template shot. Maybe there could be more guns then one? I think there could be. No point in it having similar load-out to the hammerhead, although im not familiar with the Monstrous Creature rules. The other big thing to come out is surly a flyer. Bringing out a flyer with a codex update is the thing now. Maybe the Tau can add something to the flyers that only Tau can do? Maybe? Only time will tell!

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