Quick N Easy Skaven clan rats

OK so im just 2 full command short of finishing my two units of clan rats and i wanted to show how i painted most of them pesky rats! It can get long and boring painting these because there are so many to get through so a lot of these were painted with just base coats and then finished with a wash. ( 90% of the paints i use are from the last GW paint set so you might need to look at the Conversion chart )

                                             The were all sprayed white and i started the skin with Tallarn Flesh
 For the cloth underneath the Armour i went with Mechrite red
 All the Armour including any other metal parts on the model were painted with Boltgun Metal
 The wooden part of the shield was painted with Mechrite red and any fur parts were painted Vermin brown
 The teeth, string and any bandages were painted Bleached bone
 The arm was all painted with the same corresponding colours
The model was the finished with a was of Agrax Earthshade

Thats it for a quick and easy Skaven paint job. The two full commands i have left to do will hopefully be painted with greater detail the the normal clan rats. Thanks for looking and stay tuned for more updates!!

SKAVEN project update

Lately i have been working on the Skaven half from the Island of Blood starter set. I wanted to paint up all the clan rats first because i wanted to be more prepared when it comes to painting the special characters from the set. It is fun painting these guys even though there is 40 in the set to paint up. All these will be based too. im going for the whole detail with these guys all bases will be finished and each unit will have there own movement trays. after the clan rats i will most likely start on the rat ogres. Stay tuned for progress!

A finshed painting challenge, my thoughts on doing one and my next project.

Well Warboss Taes painting challenge has come and gone and there was some great projects done for it. Myself i didn't get my Island Of Blood High Elves finished. But some of the things i learned from doing my first painting challenge were that planning ahead is key! I picked the High Elves and thought no more of it. Little did i know they are a lot of detail in them. There are 10 sword masters and 10 spear men as part of the High Elf side and these are bright and neatly decorated models. I know you can use any paint scheme on your models but if you want the classic white and shiny metal scheme on them they will take some time and patience. I'm not a fast or the best painter but i was slightly overwhelmed with these and unprepared on how much time i would have to spend on each model (Although this can vary from person to person). Not that i didn't enjoy painting them but for me i should have thought out more what im going to paint for a painting challenge.

But on the flip side.........

30 Day challenge update-Personal challenge!!

I have been pretty busy over the last week and my 30 day painting challenge has hit abit of a halt. So i decided to make sure i upload a video everyday this week without exception. Hopfully this will motivate me to get this challenge finished. With about half the days gone by i really need to put it in high gear now!!!!


WarbossTae's julys painting challenge

WarbossTae has started a painting challenge for athe whole of july. The idea of it is to paint up a battle force or a group of minitaures up over the month with regular updates. I have chosen to paint up the High Elves from the Island of blood set. hope everything goes plan and keep track of my progress on my youtube channel! https://www.youtube.com/user/spungemurphy

High Elf leaked picture!

Apparently a picture got put High Elves got put up on games workshop facebook pages and got taken down soon after. These models look awesome. I could see one of them being a phoenix bird of some sort.  

New video confirms Tau

Well folks the latest video from Games workshop pretty much confirms the Tau rumors. Although new releases usually hit the wallet pretty hard (new battle suit to be around €65!) but Tau players (including me!) will be happy an update has seen the light of day...............Now will the update be everything we have been hoping for?..............New Tau update video

Tau piranha "Blue Lightning"

With the new Tau update just around the corner (April) i decided to dig out some of mu Tau models i done a while ago. I called this piranha "Blue Lightning" and i entered it in a local painting competition. I think it finished 2nd or 3rd i cant remember. I hope this serves as a bit of an inspiration for anyone wanting to paint up or do something different with a Tau piranha model!

Well with all the new Tau rumours

A Tau update.......FINALLY! Monstrous Creature and a Flyer?

Tau players rejoice!! The time for an update is here!! Well.........the rumors of coming in strong and it has been foretold that a tau update is coming around this time. Long ago when i used to game i was a Tau player and im excited about this update. The big news is there is a huge battlesuit called "RIPTIDE". I expect this to be a powerhouse of explosive shooting. Just like the hammerhead shots from Riptide could be spit like one solid shot or a blast template shot. Maybe there could be more guns then one? I think there could be. No point in it having similar load-out to the hammerhead, although im not familiar with the Monstrous Creature rules. The other big thing to come out is surly a flyer. Bringing out a flyer with a codex update is the thing now. Maybe the Tau can add something to the flyers that only Tau can do? Maybe? Only time will tell!

Parts left on sprue

Well Jeff the Giant is 90% finished all but a small bit of wash and its finished.................But the i noticed that i left a pretty important piece still on the sprue!! It wouldn't seem to bad but i hate when this happens when a model is so near completion but i did get lucky with this one as all i have to do is paint it and it simply fits over the groin area. So take this as a lesson CHECK ALL YOUR SPRUES BEFORE GLUING!!.........At least before you start base coating!! Happy Wargaming Guys!!!

Currently working on "Jeff" the Giant for my Ogre army. Awesome looking model and easy to put together.

Hy guys I'm currently working on a giant for my Ogre army. I love this model and the spare bitz from this kit are amazing and make it well worth the price. As for gluing it all went together very well. Seemed kinda small when i had it all together but it still towered over some of my dwarfs i compared to it.

Spare bitz you say? YES!!! After i clipped all the parts i had needed there was almost a whole sprue of spare bitz! Most of which can be used on bases for models or other conversions. 

Stay tuned for more updates!!!
This is the latest conversion i had worked on. Its the dwarf Thane and Grudge pony from the Battle of Skull Pass set from a few years ago. Its made up to be a dwarf battle standard bearer. The banner is from the Ogre warriors kit just cut down to a smaller size. Really happy how this turned out.
I'm new to the whole blogging thing so sorry if i make mistakes on this! I'm going to put up my work in progress for my warhammer fantasy and warhammer 40k models. So stay tuned folks!!